About Us

Hello You, Welcome to my betterlifethoughts.com blog.

At first, let me introduce myself who is behind this blog.


Who Am I?

I am K. Sanu. A Buddhist Monk. I have spent 12 years of my life as a monk and still, I am passing my days on that path. In my noble journey, I have met many people who are struggling in their life with mental problems, physical problems, jobless problems, relationship problems, etc. I try to help them by giving advice from those unexpected problems. Not only advise them but also I learn from them. Overall, the journey was quite interesting and informative. So I thought, if I create a blog I can reach more people and we can share our knowledge and thoughts. Basically, that is the main reason that has made me decide to create this blog.

My Motto


Why Is Better Life Thoughts

The best way to be happy is to let it go. But most peoples have confusion about the ‘let it go’ theory. They don’t understand properly what that concept is. So in this Better Life Thoughts blog, I will try to explain and focus on it. What we read, what we heard can easily influence our minds. That’s why the mind is the prime and powerful thing that makes us happy and sad. If we can control our minds and understand the working method of mind, then we can easily turn our mood off to on. When your mind is full of positive energy, you can think positive and positive thoughts will open uncounted opportunities for you. You will walk on the right track.

Better Life Thoughts Focusing Subjects

Betterlifethoughts.com’s main focusing point is mental problems – how can a person develop his/her mental stages, how to reduce mental sufferings, how to turn life negative to positive, etc. Besides mental problems, I will share many famous and effective quotes, wishes, status, poems, etc. that can help people to be stronger and positive.

Lastly, I would like to request all the readers if you have any question or suggestion, please contact me without any hesitation. It would be a great pleasure for me to share and exchange our thoughts and knowledge.

Be mindful, be happy.